Who are we, why were we gone, why did we decide to come back? What is back?

A lot has happened since our last post. It’s been over a year. Woof. Maybe a step back to where we started might help. We began this project/life/endeavor/effort/thing with the intent to be full-time, self-sustaining artists and adventurers. We envisioned a robust social media presence, buttressed by a semi-solid/fixed web-based gallery showcase our work and our vision. We planned on committing to the art show hustle every weekend. We had great momentum last spring thanks to Second Saturday at Freight (with Jagwire) and The Brick here in San Antonio. Philo Coffee let us do pop-ups at their venue on a regular basis. Fleurette, Francesca and Nick provided a wonderful influx of energy and passion. Like, a lot of very positive things going on.

Then we had to move for work. We landed in the UK in the summer of 2019. We hoped to use our time there for skill development and to take advantage of all the photo safari opportunities in Europe. This was easier said than done.

Honesty. T-Rex was not invested for a few reasons. He struggled (and continues to struggle with) with the famed “imposter complex” despite all evidence to the contrary. He fell into a tar pit of self-created funk born of adjustment issues from a never-ending nasty divorce, retirement and other family issues. He didn’t maintain or fuel his jetpack to stay on course and he floundered. The passion simply wasn’t there and he didn’t know where it went. But it was still inside him. He just needed to let it do its thing.

Vulture did little to help T-Rex. She was busy with work and wanted to explore, take photos and paint and create, which she did. But, she circled on thermals above T-Rex only to swoop down and ask “why” then swooped away again. Not a very good partner at all. However, they managed through a UK winter together, dragged poor Lucille the Beagle up the highest peaks in the UK, and Vulture learned to make Parkin and Bara Brith.

The best thing that came out of it was a recommitment to live the life they envisioned.

The return to San Antonio, although welcome, is due to an illness in the family- another reminder that life is too short to wallow, to think of oneself as a “imposter” (I don’t get this how can you be an imposter of your own self? You’re you!) and get to getting. So, here we are.

Be on the lookout for new content here, an update of images on the site, and please check out our Instagram. We welcome all comments and commiserations.

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  1. Debs
    Debs says:

    Yay! So glad you’re back and I am sure better than ever. Does this mean more in the lighthouse series?!?!? … “The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper.” Aristotle


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