Welcome to T-Rex and Vulture VENTURES.

We’d like to introduce ourselves via our mission statement.   (You’ve likely gotten to this page by navigating from our PHOTOGRAPHY project.  Let us assure you, there’s more to come…)

Right, mission statement, here we go. We want to:

Build a community of purpose-driven craftsmen and women from all backgrounds who share a common passion: to create.  A desire to bring something into the world to bridge the gap between the world as we know it and the world we want.  Medium is a non-sequitur: build a motorcycle, plan and have an adventure, write a play, paint, draw, sculpt or teach a skill to someone else.

We chose the word “venture” because of its definition:  an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome especially a risky or dangerous endeavor.  There is no glory without consequence, and with any creative experience comes risk of failure.  We hope to create a community that embraces failure as a necessary aspect of creativity and learning.  We plan to build this fearless community via our online presence and eventual physical locations – a workshop, an art gallery, even a farm.  The possibilities are truly are endless because of our drive, passion, creativity and pure stubbornness!

Stay tuned and we look forward to talking with you!