Let me tell you about the things we did. Wait, just listen first. On a previous adventure, one might call it a virgin voyage, T-Rex froze his little tail off due to an inferior sleeping bag. This trip to Palo Duro-verde was a redemption. T-Rex purchased a down Kelty mummy bag and Thermarest liner. He attempted to curry Vulture’s favor with a snappy (and heavy) new tent, cookware and general campy prowess. He was marginally successful. On this trip, an important breakfast discovery was made. Powdered eggs + pre-cooked bacon + cottage cheese = mana from heaven.

We hiked the entire park from tip to tail along the Comanche Trail and back along the creekside. A truly marvelous canyon and the second largest in the United States behind that Grand Ditch in the west. The scenery unique and amazing; we were lulled to sleep by coyote song, we also had this cast of characters:

The Giggler – a fellow camper with a signature, consistent laugh that was a cross between a woodpecker and a hyena who inhaled a large draught of helium;

Cold Carload Campers – a group of young adults who did not bring enough camping equipment for all, necessitating two of them sleeping in their running car – which was equipped with automatic headlights that added to moon’s lustrous glow;

Chik-Fil-A Charlie- a teen who attempted to use a credit card with no other ID than his Chik-Fil-A rewards card;

Poker Face Park Ranger Pete- who explained, through gritted teeth and with a healthy dose of sarcasm what identity theft was to Charlie at check-in;

Omelette, Pork Chub and Scrapple – three Texas longhorn cattle posted up as guards at the park entrance;

Crazy Larry’s BBQ employees – told us of hidden hikes and gave us extra rib meat and hand drawn maps of their park treasures

Car-loving Sikh semi-truck drivers @ Cadillac Ranch;

“Some Day” Lubbock Machine Shop and Cat Hostel Minder with Wee K9 sidekick.

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