Maybe you won’t find truth and beauty at eye level.

Maybe you’ll find it in the chaos of the daily, the abandoned, looking skyward or kneeling on the ground.

Maybe you’ll find it in gentle light you take for granted each day.

Maybe you’ll find it in abandoned ancient cars and razed, graffiti-filled buildings, unimaginably vast landscapes and up-close inspections of flowers and twigs.

I’ve made art of all kinds since childhood; painting, printmaking, sculpture. But the immediacy, intimacy and ability to physically explore locations while photographing helps highlight the truth and beauty in our world. And what is art other than the search for truth and beauty?

My subject matter ranges from abandoned cars to mountain vistas…the only qualities my photos share are breath-taking moments in time. Moments which give us pause in order to appreciate truth and beauty captured in a shutter’s speed.


Big.Small. Here.There. You.Me.

The best camera is the one you have in your hand.   I keep revisiting these themes and how my photography, my voice and my art hold meaning. Am I communicating via my art in the most effective way?  Right now, as Clint and…